Senin, 08 November 2010

Indonesia-Korea Movie Festival

Yupssss....i went to GI for watching Korea Movie Show. The title is "Hello Murderer", genre : thriller-comedy.
Women are murdered everynight it rains in a mysteriuos neighborhood, but the police don't have a clue on the serial killer. in fear of the murders, the residents rally day after day in front of the police station, protesting against everythings, from the expensive housing cost to the serial killer on the loose....etc.
It's funny but annoying movie....hehheheee...the whole is fun!!!!

starring : Yu O-Sung, Kim Dong-wook, directed by Kim Dong-Uk

Actually, it's past story cos buzy reason. and now, i just posted this...hhehehee

interview bout Korea Movie on Indonesian's eyes

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