Senin, 22 November 2010

Perfect Liquid Liner/gel liner tutorial

How to apply liquid liner...look at this and practice ..:D yippiiiii

got suprise...happy too much

Thursday night, he asked me to go to the bathroom to Wudu 'Isya Prayer. Nothing odd feeling on my mind. A moment when I came out of the bathroom, she stood in front of the door and give me flowers. Oh god, it's a surprise. I never thought he would do this. It's romantic. Thank you honey. It took several minutes for us to re-take the Wudhu' and prayers.

and the second surprise, once I get out of the room, lights the room so dark and there was only light candles on a chocolate cake a sweet and beautiful. sad but happy. Thank you my husband. Thank you Allah SWT this beautiful gift, YOU always gave me the most wonderful gifts in my life. I love You ......

still on fire

five beauty flowers

MN's wedding

we're attending MN's party. congrats to both of you, happy until the end!!!!
what i wore? hareem pants cotton, d'orange grey blouse, blazer, calliope sandals. Actually, it's my office style. i attended after working...:)

same to him, after working..:D

before go home, we took a pic with MN's prewed